Announcement: E-mini Success Formula 2.0 Whole Program Exposed

You Only Need to Spend 1 to 2
Hours a Day to Potentially Earn a
Full-Time Income!
…And you don’t need to be a slave to your computer to do it successfully.

If you do NOT have a minimum of 1 hour a day (anytime between 9:30am ET to 4:15pm ET), simply click here; this may be a better fit for you.

Not only is it unnecessary to sit in front of your computer all day staring at your charts, it’s neither productive nor profitable to do so. I will teach you the absolute best times of the day to trade – and the best strategies to use at those times. I will teach you specific times during the day where the markets are most predictable and have the highest probability of being successful. Knowing what these critical times of the day are and how to trade them correctly is what separates the winners from the losers. So, whether you have an hour to two a day or you have the ability to spend the entire day trading, I’m confident that you can earn potentially a full time income using everything I teach inside the E-Mini Success Formula 2.0 Mentoring Program.

One of the most educational tools you will have at your disposal is the ability to access the Exclusive Members’ Area…

…where I record a 15 to 20+ minute video (along with a chart) every single trading day as if you were sitting next to me LIVE. I will walk you through each and every trade set up, bar by bar, as if you were sitting right alongside me in my office. Watch and learn as I explain in detail the trade set-ups, entries, exits, trade management, psychology, and complete thought process behind each and every trade. The complete trade sequence will be spelled out for you in an easy to understand format. You can of course watch these videos as many times as you want, and you can go into the archives and look at past videos dating all the way back to 2003! This is an extremely powerful learning tool, and the feedback from my students always has been absolutely phenomenal, to say the least!

Of course, the program materials included inside the E-Mini Success Formula 2.0 Mentoring Program will teach you all the trading strategies in great detail in order to trade the E-Mini futures successfully, but these daily videos will help very much to reinforce and to expedite your learning by showing you the trading strategies in action as if you were right next to me live! This is literally priceless, and you have Unlimited Access to these videos. I truly believe this will be one of the most powerful and profound learning tools in your entire trading education!

Alright, let me finally break down my entire E-Mini Success Formula 2.0 Mentoring Program
for you so you can see for yourself the incredible opportunity you now have available to you.

The E-Mini Success Formula 2.0 Mentoring Program™
Program Pyramid

  • E-Mini Success Formula™ is Delivered ONLINE!You get to learn from other Trading Concepts students. Simply ask your questions directly under the module you’re watching and learn from the questions others are asking – you’ll be able to interact with other like-minded Trading Concepts students! It will be a FANTASTIC interactive learning community! And of course you can call and email me at anytime as well!
  • LOTS of Checklists, Strategy Guides, and Cheat Sheets! You get trading Checklists, Strategy Guides and Cheat Sheets to help you organize and understand the trading methodology so that it’s both easy and mechanical in nature for you! Honestly, just this information alone is worth the price of the program…and more!
  • Videos Explaining EVERY Single Training Module! You get a video of me explaining in great detail TONS of actual trade setups, entries, exits, and trade management examples so you easily can see how it applies to your current trading; no more guesswork – it all will be very clear and concise and, more importantly, easy for you to apply immediately! Every single training module also contains a PDF for you to read as well.
  • 8 Webinars Recorded & Archived to help you further Accelerate Your Learning & Real-World Application!
  • UNLIMITED Personal Email and Phone Support…just give me a call or email; after all, that’s what I’m here for…to help YOU become a consistently successful E-Mini futures (day) trader, right?!
  • UNLIMITED Access into the Exclusive Members’ Area where the Daily VIDEOs and Charts are archived on a Daily Basis for YOU. This was described above in more detail for you.

E-Mini Trading Essentials Framework™

If you’re not making the money you think you should (and could) be making (day) trading the E-Mini futures, you definitely want to pay close attention to this part of the program pyramid. This framework often has been referred to as the “missing link” between traders that go on to have long, successful trading careers and others that are lucky just to get by. This is where the rubber meets the road and where I spill the beans on what it takes to make it big in this great business of ours.

Inside of these 10 power-packed trading modules, I cover everything from Money Management and Trade Sizing (this is the most overlooked part of trading…yet probably the most important to your ultimate trading success; without this, you will not make money!) to Building a Trader Business Plan all the way through to the basics of placing an order using order matrices from various software programs available from most trading brokers. Whether you’re an advanced trader or a total newbie, there is definitely vital information here for you to help take your trading to a higher and more profitable level.

You’re also going to get my…

Futures Position Sizing Calculator™

E-Mini Trading Success Principles™

  • Module 1: Market Flow Analysis Method (MFAM)– Imagine being able to tell, with total accuracy, when a trend begins and ends so that you’re rarely ever caught on the wrong side of a trade again! That’s exactly what this trading module will cover…in greater detail than you’ve ever seen before. This will be your, “Aha!” moment – I can almost guarantee you that. You will never look at a chart the same way again.
  • Module 2: Fibonacci Retracements – Fibonacci retracements are one of my most valuable tools in my trading plan. You will discover how you can use them to measure the strength of a trend, identify support and resistance, and how to use them to improve the timing of BOTH your entries and exits. And they are not complicated like many others try to make you believe. Using retracements in conjunction with the MFAM absolutely will blow you away, and you’ll wonder why you haven’t used them before in the way I will show you to use them. This is one of the tools I truly have perfected over the years; you’ve never seen them presented or used the way I’m going to show you here.
  • Module 3: Keltner Channel Bands & Key Moving Averages – Since 1988, I’ve used these same moving averages and Keltner Channel Band settings; you’ll never want to use the Bollinger Bands or other moving average settings again when you learn what I have for you here in this module. The averages I use here represent important institutional rudders and, used correctly, can greatly help identify tradable opportunities that most people will never see. Only true trading professionals use these tools in their trading to make their livings; now, you will too!
  • Module 4: NYSE Tick ($TICK) – When you use the NYSE Tick in combination with my other trading principles and strategies, you’ll wonder how you ever traded without it (maybe you already do – if you do, I can help you even further)! It’s one of the most effective, predictive, and accurate gauges for determining intraday market direction. This one trading tool is so effective that I personally set up audio alerts at key levels that I discuss inside this module. I have specific rules outlined for exact entries and exits that you’ve never seen OR been taught before!
  • Module 5: Key Times of Day – Trading is all about stacking the probabilities in your favor, and there are certain times during the day when the trading opportunities are the BEST and other times of the day when you want to stay out of the market altogether (this is where rookie traders can lose LOTS of money!). You will learn here how you can spend only 1-2 hours a day and potentially make a full time living. You haven’t seen anything like this before explained and dissected like I do here! This one module alone will change the way you currently think about day trading.
  • Module 6: Floor Trader Pivots – There’s no secret or mystery for calculating Floor Trader Pivots; however, trading them successfully can be tricky! I will show you how I use Floor Trader Pivots inside of my own trading and how it ties into the overall trading methodology of the E-Mini Success Formula 2.0 for high probability trading results. You will get exact trading rules behind how I personally use them on a daily basis.
  • Module 7: Powerful Price Patterns – Nothing tells you more about what’s going on inside of a chart than price, but with all the price patterns available to study, how do you know which ones are most effective? I cover the best and most powerful price patterns that I use day-after-day inside my own personal trading and why I believe they should be the ONLY price patterns you need to know and to use! These price patterns work equally well on larger time frames and other markets. They are super powerful, and I truly believe they will blow your mind and open your eyes to a new world of trading.
  • Module 8: Volume Analysis – Volume generally is considered to be one of the most valuable keys to reading charts successfully (second only to price), but it is volume patterns that help make all the difference in the world. I reveal six of my best kept volume analysis secrets for determining when a trend ends, begins, and continues with high probabilities. Once you combine this valuable information with the MFAM and Powerful Price Patterns – not to mention the other material I teach in this mentoring program – Volume will become an integral part of your overall trading plan.

E-Mini Income Generating Strategies™

  • Module 1: Starting the Trading Day – Totally eliminate the guesswork with Checklists and a Step-by-Step review of the information you need to know BEFORE the trading day starts (or before any trade you take, even if it’s later in the day). You don’t want to start the day off on the wrong foot, so this is an absolute must. One of the biggest questions I’ve received over the years is ‘what do I need to be looking for and how should I be trading when the market first opens at 9:30am ET?’ This entire module is devoted to a step-by-step checklist for exactly what you should be doing when the market opens each day and exactly how you should be trading so you never have another question about the open again.
  • Module 2: Initial Trend Entry – Not all trend trades are created equal; you will discover in this module what must happen before you make your first initial trend trade – or else you could end up getting in too early. I’m going to show you exactly when and where you should be entering the market with sniper precision, so your risk is very minimal, and that’s really the key to making consistent profits with very little drawdown.
  • Module 3: Successive Trend Entries – When a trend continues, you want to make sure you’ve got the strategies in place to take advantage of every trading opportunity either to re-enter the market or to milk the profits from an existing trade with the highest probability of being correct, and this is where I tell you exactly how I do it!
  • Module 4: Powerful Price Pattern Trades – You will learn the subtle secrets and strategies for trading price action that no one else is teaching. I believe I’ve helped revolutionize the way traders look at individual bar charts (or candlestick charts if that’s what you prefer), and the trade set ups I teach in this trading module undoubtedly will help take your trading to a higher level. After going through this module, you will not look at charts in the same way. You will have intricate knowledge on how to read price that most traders do not know; this will help in your trading EDGE for sure!
  • Module 5: Trade Management – Once you learn the trading strategies, finding a new trade becomes easy, but it’s how you manage the trade that makes the difference between a ‘so-so’ trade and a real money maker! For all intents and purposes, when you enter the market, the trade should be over. You need to have everything spelled out A to Z before entering in terms of where to place your initial stop loss, when and where to move that stop so you risk less money, when and where to take profits, and how to trail the market so you can milk it for everything it’s worth. I teach you all that and much more in this module. You’ll absolutely love it; nothing is left to guesswork. This undoubtedly will help boost your trading consistency and profitability immediately.
  • Module 6: Trading Tips & Market Insights – You can’t put a price tag on over 24 years of trading experience, and this is where I basically lay it all on the table and answer all of the most commonly asked questions that students have asked me since 1994. You will love this; it will help bring it all together even more for you.

The E-Mini Master Trader™

  • Module 1: Counter-Trend Trade Setups – With counter-trend trades, if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, you most certainly will find yourself getting stopped out right away and most of the time! BUT, in this module, I reveal my exact, step-by-step my proprietary counter trend trades that set up almost every single day. Once you see what I’m talking about here, you’ll never be afraid to take a counter trend trade again!
  • Module 2: Trading Plan Execution – One of the biggest rookie mistakes happens when traders think they know how to trade when, in fact, properly executing a trading plan is a skill every professional trader learns to master. I go into the details of exactly what you need to know (and master) before you put on a live trade.
  • Module 3: Program Summary – This is where everything is summed up and even more streamlined for you in a PDF file and video (just like all the modules include). I also provide you with a Quick Reference PDF Checklist of the ENTIRE program! You absolutely will love this module because it undoubtedly will make it easier for you to execute your trades without any guesswork! You also will see up here in The E-Mini Master Trader™ part of the pyramid that I’ve also included one more PDF file for you to learn from entitled Price Action Analysis. This is where I completely dissect and teach you how to read, with precision, individual price bars. You will be able to read the bars like a daily newspaper like never before; I guarantee you that!

Alright, Let Me Wrap This Up

I truly believe in my heart of hearts that my E-Mini Success Formula 2.0 Mentoring Program is absolutely the most comprehensive, step-by-step trading mentoring program available on the market for day trading the E-Mini futures market. There’s nothing like it around; you see, I want to be completely different from other educators out there by giving you every single bit of information, knowledge, skill set, strategy, tip, trick, and technique you need to (day) trade the E-Mini futures successfully and consistently for the long-term. Please remember that I do not let just anybody into this mentoring program; you have to be a serious trader that is willing to put in the time and effort to succeed. That being said, I’ve decided only to allow a handful of traders into the E-Mini Success Formula 2.0 every so often; so, if you decide to enroll in the program and it says it’s full, just leave your name and email address, and we will contact you when it opens up again.

Enroll It Today

As you can tell by now, I’M REALLY EXCITED about my

E-Mini Success Formula 2.0 Mentoring Program! You see, I’ve been trading now since 1988 and teaching since 1994, and I’m still as excited and enthusiastic about it as I was back then; I believe trading is the greatest and most lucrative business in the world! I would love to share my experiences with you and teach you everything I know. I’m 100% confident not only that my training program will teach you how to become a consistently successful trader, but also that it will become a life changing experience for you and your family! The trading strategies and overall methodology you will learn will last for the rest of your trading career; I promise you that!

Enroll It Today

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I will have a lot more information for Pivotal Cash Bonanza in the coming weeks so please stay tuned!

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